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3D printed guitar

ODD Music

Guitar design will never be the same.
Work directly with visionary mechatronics designer Olaf Diegel to customize your own epic 3D printed guitar.

3D Printed Guitars

Hammer out lightning-fast solos on your very own customized 3D printed guitar. From the mind of visionary mechatronics designer Olaf Diegel, these sleek, futuristic axes blend performance and style into world-class instruments that will blow your mind.read more +

Behold the astonishing synchronicity of music, iconoclastic design and 3D technology. Olaf has assembled a mean-looking collection of the most original, beautiful and detailed guitars the world has ever seen. They look amazing; they sound amazing; and they're customizable.

Designed specifically for laser sintering, theScarab 3D printed guitarfeatures extremely complex, full strength parts, printed as a single component. An intricate network of flowers and insects hang within a web of vines, giving the instrument deep dimensionality that underscores its architectural refinement.

Inspired by the ferocious beauty of one of nature's dark artists, the Spider Guitar takes all the same features of the Scarab and wraps them in a viscously sleek design. With intricately-formed spiders veiled within an elaborate backdrop of webbing, this guitar features smooth construction that's sharp and durable.

Each production model is uniquely designed for the customer, with some customization possible for non-3D-printed hardware, such as the neck, pickups and bridge. You can also replace ODD branding on the back of the body with a logo or name. Work with Olaf to modify virtually anything you want. And, of course, we can make the guitar left-handed or right-handed.

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