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Build a robot army at home and escape the limitations of department store stock. Forget ordinary, prepackaged toys conceived by other designers. Apply your own imagination and create original 3D printed robots using your Cube Home 3D printerread more +

Cubify's poseable, snap-together robots are as fun to play with as they are build. First, enter a virtual universe, where you can design your robot's colors and features. Test out different combinations of head, torso, arms and legs, mixing and matching until your mechanized buddy looks just right. Once you've nailed down the specifics, bring your robot into the real world using advanced 3d printing technology at home.

Innovative, cool and durable, Cubify's 3D robots aren't just rigid models. You can pose your robots and swap out parts to create more shape and color combos. They make great gifts and provide engaging projects for children. Best of all, you can quickly enjoy the fruits of your labor by downloading ready-to-print files exclusively for your Cube Home 3D Printer. You can also order directly from Cubify and have your order printed remotely and delivered to your front door.

Whether you need the perfect birthday gift or a fun activity to share with your child, Cubify's robot building platformCubify's robot building platform has the droid you're looking for. Why settle for something off a shelf? With virtually endless combinations, your can create the toy you want and print it in your very own home.

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