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Team Dignitas developed what is now an iconic professional gaming brand. We are now one of the world’s leading eSport organizations, with our players recognized across the globe, as they go about competing for major honors.

Team Dignitas in 3D

An iconic professional gaming brand, Team Dignitas is one of the world’s leading eSport organizations. Its highly-talented and dedicated players are recognized across the globe, making them prime candidates for 3D printing immortalization.read more +

Team Dignitas fans rejoice! The acclaimed professional gaming squad has made its foray into the 3D printing world with detailed figurines of its most famous players. Now, you can collect your own miniature Shiphtur, Crumbzz, Kiwikid, Imaqtpie, Scarra and ZionSpartan, thanks to 3D printed models depicting these eminent gaming names.

An International e-Sports team headquartered in Great Britain, Team Dignitas was founded in 2003 as a fusion of clans, Sweden Kompanix and Legion Condor from Battlefield 1942. Over time, more teams joined the exclusive organization, prompting the burgeoning team to register as a company in 2004.

Dignitas' League of Legends divisionis one of North American's leading gaming teams, placing highly in numerous premier regional and international events. In addition to its League of Legends team, the organization also sponsors players and teams for StarCraft II, Quake Live, FIFA, Counter Strike, Battlefield 3 and various fighting and racing games.

With Cubify’s amazingpersonalized figurinesyou can now get your stunningly-accurate Team Dignitas 3D printed figures and proclaim your loyalty to these incomparable gaming legends!

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