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Personalized 3D printed action figures


Get into character with 3DMe!

Create Your Own Personalized Action Figures

Personalized action figures are the perfect way to customize your events, your games, and your gifts. Choose a sport, a costume, a profession, or a special event, and customize the faces to match the guests. Whether your daughter is graduating from college, your son’s band just booked its first gig, or your friend made partner at the law firm, there’s a look to match the mood and honor the occasion. Personalized figurines add a human touch to the celebration and serve as a lasting way to commemorate the accomplishment.read more +

Do you and your friends cheer for the same sports team or are you rival fans? Either way, celebrate the playoffs by giving your friends their own personalized figurines wearing their favorite teams’ jerseys. Encourage your kids’ diehard fandom by giving them personalized figurines of their favorite team. Don’t be surprised if their cheers grow louder on game day.

Personalized action figures are also perfect stocking-stuffers come Christmas. They’re a fun way to decorate the dinner table at Thanksgiving. While the holidays are about spending time with family, not many people would object to seeing their own likeness on a figurine plopped next to their seat at the dinner table. Replace old-fashioned name cards with cutting-edge personalized action figures.

Thanks to Cubify’s intuitive 3D software, users can dream up and print out an endless variety of personalized action figures. Createpersonalized Star Trekand Ghostbusters figurines that tickle your sci-fi fancy. Ride to the Wild West by printing a cowboy on a faithful steed, or head to the open seas as a pirate aboard a sea-worn ship. You can take the form of a princess, skater, and soccer star all in one day with Cubify’s 3DMe. Don’t limit your imagination.

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