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Sense 3D scanner

3D scanner

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Capture your world in 3D

Discover the power of physical photography with the Sense 3D scanner. Savor every dimension of your favorite memories: Graduation day. Wedding day. Bringing home baby. Holidays. Trips around the world. All with your Sense, all in 3D.

Mash-up your world

Full integration between the Sense and Cubify Sculpt enables creative freedom like never before.

Big or small, scan it all

Sense has the most versatile scan range in its class with auto-optimized settings for objects large and small. Now with faster scan speed at 25 frames per second with new software upgrade.

Zero-in on what matters

Automatic object recognition extracts precise targets from the busiest of backgrounds. New Sense software upgrade improves tracking capabilities for a smooth scan experience.

Edit with ease

With quick cropping, enhancement and solidifying tools, Sense can prepare 3D printable files within minutes.

Physical to digital and back again

Fully integrated with Cubify.com and your Cube 3D printer, the Sense allows scans to upload directly for 3D printing, either at home or through the cloud.



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3D Scanning in the Palm of Your Hand

Capture your favorite moments the way your senses do: in 3D. Scan your friends, your pets, your gadgets, and other key aspects of your everyday life. The Sense 3D scanner automatically detects and optimizes your subject regardless of its size. You can capture every detail of your newborn baby’s toes, the unique style of your sleek new wheels, and the distinct color variation of the wildflowers on your dining table.read more +

The Sense is fully integrated with theCube 3D Printer, which means you can scan an object and then hold it in the palm of your hand in a seamless workflow. Use the Sense’s touchscreen editing capabilities to enhance the color, design, shape, and size of your images and create perfect replicas. Modify your images to make something new. Sculpt your own personalized chess pieces using family and friends as models, recreate a favorite vase, or change the features of an existing object and print your own customized masterpiece.

Take the Sense on your next vacation and bring back your memories in 3D. Its handheld size makes it as easy to carry as a camera, but its 3D scanning capabilities are as large as life. Scan a penguin in Antarctica and print a 3D replica when you get home. Show your friends every angle of Michelangelo’s David in one 3D image. No need to wait for the crowd to dissipate, the Sense hones in on your subject and isolates it from surrounding images. With highly sensitive solidifying prowess, the Sense fills in any gaps in your image left by interfering objects or an incomplete scan. So you get a complete image, and a fully printable object, every time you want one.

With 3D scanning, your memories can become as dynamic as the moments that created them.

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