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3D Printing. Real. Pro.

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Print big, print accurate

The CubePro features the largest-in-class build platform with ultra high-resolution. With prints 2.5 times larger than any other desktop prosumer and hobbyist printer (11.2" x 10.6" x 9.06" or 285.4mm x 270.4mm x 230mm) with ultra high-resolution settings of 70-micron thin print layers, professional quality printing has never been so large or easy.

New durable material – nylon

CubePro will support a new material for production: nylon, along with strong ABS and compostable PLA plastic. Create functional prototype models or make end-use parts for your engineering applications. The CubePro is a versatile printer for both the engineer and hobbyist alike. Nylon is exceptionally durable for high heat resistance, high strength to weight ratio, or parts requiring secondary operations like painting, machining or adhesive bonding.

Controlled print environment

A controlled process environment ensures improved accuracy and reliability of print for effortless, professional quality every time for your largest ABS plastic prints. Automated settings ensure home-safe printing in your mancave, on your workbench and at your desktop.

Strong, fast & long-lasting

Guaranteed faster, more accurate prints with stabilized print mechanics and easy feed cartridges for prolonged material life.

Triple color + three materials = thousands of options

Get more expressive with 3D printing in up to 3 simultaneous colors with 3 material options. Select from over 24 vibrant colors for more unique combinations.

Connect better to experience better

Connect conveniently with an easy to use color touchscreen display and WiFi capability.



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CubePro: The Professional 3D Printer

Print large, accurate 3D creations with the best professional 3D printer on the market. With prints two-and-a-half times bigger than any other desktop prosumer or hobbyist printer, the CubePro offers exceptional multi-color printing, numerous high-performing features and impressive connectivity. read more +

Don't be fooled by appearances. While CubePro looks stylish and elegant, it's also a tough machine built for rapid prototyping and accurate engineering of small-to-medium mechanical components. This isn't some fancy toy; it's a professional-level 3D printer that lets you print large PLA, ABS and nylon parts with ease.

With the largest-in-class build platform, the CubePro offers high-resolution settings of 70-micron thin print layers. Easy feed cartridges and stabilized print mechanics ensure faster, more accurate prints and prolonged material life. A controlled process environment guarantees enhanced reliability and accuracy, while automated settings ensure home-safe printing at your desktop, work bench or inside your man cave.

Enjoy easy connectivity with color touchscreen display and built-in Wi-Fi capability. Choose from over 24 vibrant color combinations and create expressive 3D prints in up to 3 simultaneous colors with 3 material options, including nylon, compostable PLA and recyclable ABS plastic.

Create end-use parts for your engineering applications or develop fully-functional prototype models. With an extremely competitive price point and a broad range of impressive capabilities, the CubePro is versatile enough for engineers and hobbyists alike. Professional quality home printing has never been so large or easy.

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