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Cubify app

3D printables at your fingertips

Fashion that is fit to print, hacks for your hobbies, crafts for your home and custom toys for your kids. Hit print to personalize your life. Browse the curated collections, get inspired and share in the Design Feed, or 3D print to your Cube or the cloud from the app.

Download the Cubify app for desktop and mobile:

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Access & manage your content

Access new, daily content in our curated collections or in the community. Store your content on your Shelf for easy access and easy printing.

Manage your devices

3D print directly to your Cube 3D printer and monitor your prints from mobile. Connect to your Sense 3D scanner to import and share scans.


Get inspired, see what others are printing and share in the community Design Feed.

Print from mobile

3D print directly to your Cube 3D printer with easy prep and send from wifi. Monitor your prints from anywhere.

Cubify App for iOS, Android, and Windows

Enjoy a wealth of 3D printing options and capabilities with the Cubify app for iOS, Android and Windows. Explore a rich diversity of design options and print from your smartphone directly to your home Cube, all from the palm of your hand. read more +

Unchain from your laptop and discover the thrilling power of mobile 3D printing. Cubify's intuitive app lets you browse, prep and print by syncing your smartphone or tablet to your home 3D printing device.

Enhanced with a wealth of options, this multifaceted app opens the door to a virtually endless array of 3D printing options. Access Cubify's entire line of curated brand collections or tap the Design FeedDesign Feed for an inspirational live stream of public files you can add to your shelf. Stock that shelf with items you've purchased and personalized or add concepts you admire or plan to purchase in the future.

When it's time to create, select a design from your shelf and choose the right sizes and colors. When you're ready, click print and the app will instantly instruct your home Cube to bring your customized design into the real world.

Whether you're looking to discover, design, share or shop, Cubify's powerful yet simple app has everything you need. Download now and immerse yourself in an exciting world of 3D printed products.

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