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The Cube Odyssey Begins

Published on March 6th, 2012 by in Announcements

The Cube is coming. A lot sooner than you think too. We are really excited about the first 3D printer that anyone can use. So much so that we decided a road trip is in order so we can bring the Cube to you. Not just any road trip either. We are packing Cubes into our pimped out Nissan Cube, and sending Hal, our road dog, on a 25 city trip across the US starting April 10th. He’s Starting in LA and hitting the hottest cities from San Francisco and Seattle to New York City and beyond. We even threw in Rock Hill, SC for good measure to keep it interesting. On the trip, the Cube will be scaling national monuments, surfing at beaches, making cameos at schools, museums, and all venues that welcome the Cube while printing cityscapes of the city it’s in (cityception). We will be taking pre-orders for the Cube to kick off the trip too! Just one problem. Hal is kind of a lonely guy with a lot of ground to cover and could use some company. Hal needs help… We are looking for a 3D minded roadie to join him on this all expenses paid shenanigans where hilarity will ensue…  This is why we need you.

First, meet Hal your future Road trip buddy

Hal needs a road dog.  Someone all about road trips who is spontaneous, friendly, a good travel buddy, and able to go on a one or two month road trip. You’ll be helping him get out of his shell while playing with the Cube everywhere you go. Even though you will be the first to play with the Cube, you’ll have to share it with everyone you meet on this excursion.

Still want to join us and Hal on the Cube Oddessy? This is what you do.

Send us a video (60 seconds tops and preferably a youtube link) either at www.facebook.com/cubify or to Cubifyinfo@cubify.com  that showcases your personality and let us know why you belong on this journey. Please include the following information:


Why are you perfect for the journey (also why you are a great road dog)?

Why do you love the Cube and 3D printing?

What’s your dream 3D print if you could make anything?


*Please email us your contact information including full name, email, phone number, and address with you video submission (cubifyinfo@cubify.com with the subject line Cube Road trip).

Please submit between TODAY and MARCH 16, 2012.

The Cubify community will pick the winner based on the video submissions.

Once again, your efforts and participation in the Odyssey will be rewarded and expenses fully paid.

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  • Ed tackett

    Where are you going to be in SoCal ?

  • Stasis152


  • Edgard

    Will it be in Florida? South Florida to be more specific.

    • onjoFilms

      Here’s another vote for Florida.  Sarasota.

    • Anonymous

      Another for SoFl.  Tampa Bay would be great.  There is a lot of manufacturing in the area.

  • Todd Clarke

    can you come to NM?

  • Sunworksco

    San Francisco ?

  • Proceram dental

    Like to see if it works for denal caps and bridges

  • Anonymous

    San Diego? i need to make a scale model of our product! but i really have an issue of the wire looking parts!

  • gunnarinla

    …very cool promo – kudos to the one who wrote the e-mail..!
    …what’s my dream 3D print..? – …a full size replica of Beyonce…? (…what? – ..”not possible”..??)
    …ok…an Oscar statue will do…  : )

  • Rob

    Please tell me you’re planning on coming to Madison Wisconsin.

  • Kirk

    Are you going to stop by Portland, OR? Any more detailed plan?

  • CubeOz?

    Are you coming Down Under to Australia and New Zealand!?

  • http://twitter.com/dirdim Direct Dimensions

    Any chance you can come to Baltimore on April 27th for our awesome event called NextGEN-M featuring “rapid technologies for make & manufacture”?

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  • Jure


  • http://Www.4DDynamics.com 4DDynamics

    Cool :)
    If you guys come over to Europe we will provide Hal with matching 3d scanners , so you have à travelling FabLab !

  • Anonymous

    Come visit with the people in Atlanta, Georgia during the Society of Manufacturing Engineers RAPID 2012 Conference & Exposition and show off 3D Systems and Cubify capabilities! sme.org/rapid

  • Stefan Zehnder


  • Chris Norman

    Humm, Maybe we’ll show up at the event when you hit Houston and bring the fajitas and BBQ trailer…

  • Anonymous

    In New Jersey when?.

  • Marco Besto

    Definitely ITALY!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003405617159 Varsha

    I agree Ricky! We should find ways to use thconolegy to help and aid us in what ever we do. I am a minister so i should be looking for ways to minister using thconolegy! Social media is exploding and has become very useful in so many ways. Lets keep our face time with people important to us but allow thconolegy to enhance and enrich us. Thanks for the commentsLuijarick

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003405637537 Imran

    That’s a creative answer to a dffiicult question

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  • Mike

    How about a trip to Canada? Toronto?

  • Zippy

    More details please !!
    Your So Cal appearance is only 8 days away & LA’s a big place.

  • Brett

    Will you be in NH?

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