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Technology Has Never Tasted So Sweet

3D printing has been a sweet technology for the past few years, but now, it really takes the cake! For the first time ever, 3D printers are using food as material, and with the ChefJet and ChefJet Pro 3D sugar printers, “sweet technology” has been redefined. These machines were designed with the pastry chef in mind, and will allow professionals to revamp culinary arts. Offering the ability to create custom candies, cake toppers, pastry components and more, the kitchen will never be the same.

Meet Kyle and Liz.  The team behind sugar printing. Currently living in Los Angeles, they started their careers in molecular biology . Later down the road, they decided to move over into studying in a grad program in architecture. While they both enjoyed  studying architecture, they were  fascinated when they were introduced to 3D printing. They had a keen interest in the art, but really wanted to know how it all worked at a deeper level. “The idea of composition of materials and how things could be built by additive manufacturing was intriguing to say the least,” Liz said. The pair bought themselves a CJP 3D printer. “Back in 2011, Kyle and I wanted to make our friend chelsea a birthday cake, we went and bought all the materials, but we didn’t have an oven in our new place at the time, we did just buy a 3D printer, so we decided to try to 3D print a cake instead.” Liz said.  After a period of trial and error that lasted well beyond her actual birthday, they managed to print chelsea a tiny cupcake topper that spelled her name in cursive sugar.

At this point, they were both interested in crossing the boundaries of possibilities. The pair started buying different kinds of sugar mixing them (doing science  kind of stuff) and putting it in the printer . “You have to think more about outside of the box possibilities,” Liz said. “After the cake topper, we thought other people might like 3D printed sugar too, so when we graduated we started The Sugar Lab officially.”

The Sugar Lab on Cubify is available for local delivery  in the LA County area only for now.  Ideal for hospitality professionals and event planners, the ChefJet and ChefJet Pro food printers will be available at a later date in 2014.



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