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Sweet & Spooky 3D Printing with The Sugar Lab & Josh Harker

Liz and Kyle head up 3D Systems edible printing division under The Sugar Lab brand.

Read their story to see how they’re celebrating Halloween with 3D designer Josh Harker:

With Halloween fast approaching, Liz and I were trying to think of some fun confections to make at The Sugar Lab for the occasion. We soon settled on 3D printed sugar El Día de los Muertos skulls–a modern take on a classic autumn sweet! We immediately contacted Josh Harker on Twitter. Being huge fans of his anatomical filigrees, this seemed like the perfect excuse to collaborate. It was great timing, because Josh had recently completed a new Day of the Dead ready piece called Cráneo de La Calaca, and was on his way to celebrate in Mexico. The results, rendered in chewy cotton candy flavored sugar, are sweetly stunning! We’re going to try to make enough for the trick-or-treaters on our block!

Josh Harker is an American artist  who is considered a pioneer & visionary in 3D printed art & sculpture .”What could be more fun and better timing than to print one of my skulls in sugar in honor of Dia de Muertos? ” he says. “A short story born from a curious tweet from The Sugar Lab to print one of my designs that turned into a quick collaboration. I’m amazed at the technology’s ability to turn such a common material into such an elaborate presentation. A wonderfully temporary medium that reflects sweet impermanence perfectly.”

You can see more of Liz and Kyle’s delicious sugar printing here:

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Check out all of Josh’s work here:


Josh Harker on Twitter

Got ideas for what you want to see sugar printed? Let us know in the comments!

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