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Not Your Average Potter’s Wheel

Andrew Jeffery, Director of Ceramic Products

Oh No! You just broke your Grandma’s favorite ceramic teacup! What will you do?

No need to rush to the store on an endless pursuit of trying to find a worthy replacement, now all you need to do to earn Grandma’s good favor back is run to the living room and print one out. With the CeraJet 3D printer, the possibilities are endless in creating your own ceramic ware. At CES 2014 we are showcasing the CeraJet 3D Printer as a concept model for what is to come in the near future.

CeraJet combines the ancient, high-quality art form of ceramics with the freedom of design and complexity allowed by 21st century 3D printing technology.

Intricate and detailed ceramic objects can be designed and printed on the CeraJet 3D printer, ready for the firing and glazing. The result – stunning, ceramic artistry with possibilities previously unimagined. CeraJet will empower everyone from artists, designers and consumers, to major décor labels to explore a new freedom of what’s possible.

For more information on the CeraJet and other products from this year at CES2014, please visit 3DSystems.com/CES





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