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Join the crew of Star Trek with your own 3D figurine

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We’re teaming up to introduce a Star Trek customized 3D printed collection. Fans will be able to create personalized 3D printed collectibles based on the Star Trek show.

To kick it off, one of the first products fans will be able to create is one of the Star Trek crew figurines. Fans will get a 6”-7” figurine or statuette that looks exactly like a character from TOS, but it’ll have their face on it. This is the first time anything like this has ever been done with a brand like Star Trek. An extremely awesome and exciting thing.

“We will add be adding additional crew characters from more recent series, like The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. And there are other things we hope to do over time, like the customization of accessories, and maybe even ship customization,” said Scott Harmon, Vice President, Corporate Development, at 3D Systems.

The new products will be available through Cubify.com and StarTrek.com, using the content publishing platform from 3D Systems.

Stay tuned to the Cubify  website and StarTrek.com for more updates. Meanwhile, read the Star Trek article and interview with Scott here.

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