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Introducing the New Cube 3D Printer

Meet the new Cube – the second generation at-home printer that can make anything you can imagine up to 5.5 inches cubed. Keeping all the features that are loved from the original Cube like the easy touchscreen UI, the new Cube printer now prints at 2X better accuracy and 1.5X faster speed with more material choices, and more colors and print modes available.

Along with more options, the new Cube has added safety features such as a glass plate that can hold a 3D printed object without heating up, making it even safer for your home and your children. Cube is the only 3D printer officially certified for home use with IEC regulations.

Another great feature about the new Cube is the user will be able to choose to print in both ABS and PLA plastics without adjusting any settings. The print head detects which materials are in the cartridge automatically. The Cube sells for $1299 or you can purchase a special print pack that comes with 4 cartridges, 25 files and cubify invent for $1399.

What would be the first thing you would create on the new Cube?

  • chippwalters

    Are you allowing existing owners to upgrade? I bought my cube only 3+ months ago and would sure like to be able to upgrade to this newer, faster, more accurate version!

  • Harald Kuhn

    Where can I order one of the packages for 1399?

  • Labcold

    It would be good to get an upgrade – I love my Cube but as I try to make things fit together I realise that accuracy IS important!
    I contacted 3DS about a problem I have — where I draw say a 4mm diameter rod and expect it to fit in a 4mm hole +/- a bit — the holes are always TOO small and generally by 1mm independent of diameter. I think this is due to the slicing which puts the ‘edge’ of the hole in the centre of two layers of skin. However I was just told – “don’t expect too much and make the holes bigger” — Does anyone else have this problem???? Surely I cant be the only one trying to make parts fit accurately together????

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