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If you could print in chocolate, what would you make?

Published on July 12th, 2012 by in Community

With 3D printing becoming more inventive everyday it is almost no surprise that people have figured out how to print food from burritos to chocolate.  Seeing as chocolate is one of the most universally loved foods we are pretty excited about edible printing. Printing chocolate works almost exactly like normal 3D printing except it prints chocolate instead of plastic.  So we want to know, what would you make if you could print anything in chocolate?

For me, after some deliberating, I know I would like to print different characters from Harry Potter, preferably Ronald Weasley, since he is my favorite character from my favorite series of books.  And of course I would want to print myself, but naturally you have to eat the chocolate eventually and it would be a bit strange eating myself.  So for now i’ll stick to my fictional characters.

With endless possibilities, it is now your turn to tell us, what would you make?

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