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High School Students Research Fingerprints with Cube 3D printers

In North Carolina students at Richmond County School’s 9th Grade Academy Teen Scene Investigation (T.S.I.) club are not ones to let technology hold them back. In their recent investigation, they all discovered that 3D technology would be a great way to preserve and interact with crime scene evidence, and so they enlisted the help of the district’s G.R.E.A.T 3D Academy, using 3D scanning and printing techniques to create 3D data.

After digitizing a fingerprint the team had lifted, it was imported into Cubify Sculpt where the data was made into 3D, saved out to an STL format, and printed on the Cube 3D printer. The result was an interactive model of the actual fingerprint.  The team also experimented with hand and foot impressions as well. They also utilized 3D scanning and simulation software tools to produce evidence.










This is a great way to really explore the process of crime scene investigations – with output that everyone can really see and touch in the real world,” said Jeff Epps, co-founder of the G.R.E.A.T. 3D Academy. “3D tools like this allow the students to really understand something that has often been so inaccessible before.”









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