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Everyone is turning into Zombies with 3DMe Horror


The horror, the horror! Everyone you know is becoming zombies and witches and ghouls! The human race is being taken over by 3DMe Horror figurines. That witch you see brewing a wicked potion in her cauldron might just be your best friend, Molly. The blood-sucking kin of Dracula on your left is your old neighbor, Joe. We know you wouldn’t be caught dead (or living dead) without your own 3DMe Horror figurine. Make your spook-tastic 3DMe Horror character to be 3D printed in full color on Cubify.com. All you need is a front and profile photo of your face. 3DMe will turn your 2D photos into a 3D model. Then you can select your haunting character of choice and customize your level of gore and blood. Once you are done we’ll print out the figurine of your evil alter ego

Trying to think of the perfect All Hallows Eve gift for a friend? What better way to show your love than to turn them in to a dismembered mummy! Upload your photo today and get your 3DMe figurine sent to you just in time for Halloween and let the haunting begin with 3DMe Horror.

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