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Cube Odyssey Schedule Update

Published on April 5th, 2012 by in Announcements



Please visit our Events Calendar for the latest event updates!


*Earlier this month we rerouted the Cube Odyssey and announced it here. We will continue posting future events on our Events Calendar on the Cubify Blog main page and making announcements via blog posts, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you would like to host a Cube Odyssey event please email Press@3dsystems.com.

  • Calabrisw

    Where are you going to be in Denver??

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  • CubeSquared

    Hi.  When will the Cube Odyssey schedule for May be posted?  Thank you!

  • CubeSquared

    Hi.  When will the Cube Odyssey schedule for May be posted?  The April calendar is still all that is available.  Thank you!

  • Frank

    OK – I’ve tried to ask questions about pricing via your form 3 weeks ago – no reply. Called left message 2 weeks ago, no reply. posted a comment here 2 days ago, no reply.  I assume your company is not ready with the support of your product,  I have to say that I’m not going to pre-order a cubify now since new products always will  require some support and and you stuck out. 

  • Frustrated Potential Customer

    To anyone at 3D Systems who may be paying attention: My attempts to both get involved in your product roadshow and locally promote The Cube are failing due to an inexplicable ability for 3D Systems to post dates and locations of forthcoming Cube Odyssey stops.  Not only has the original free-form blog schedule not been followed, the roadshow Calendar available is completely devoid of information for future stops.  In addition, the numerous posts on Cubify (where we have all been told to go for more information via television appearances and company voice mail greetings) go completely unanswered.  These posters are potential customers, and actual stockholders, who are pleading with a company for product information.  This is a horrible, horrible customer experience, and a very poor rollout for a product.  I implore someone at 3D Systems who has an interest in their business prosperity to get involved in this launch and ensure that potential customers are embraced, posted inquiries are answered, and the schedule for the roadshow is both posted and followed.  Again, without improved communications and acknowledgement of your grass roots fans out here, 3D Systems is blatantly bungling a golden opportunity to promote a breakthrough consumer product.  Please, please get it together now.

    • http://twitter.com/Cubify Cubify™

      Hey FPC,

      Im definitely paying attention and so is the team. I get your frustration trying to get involved in the Cube Odyssey. You are right when you say we have plenty of room for improvement when promoting our locations. It was a hard lesson learned on our first leg of the tour. As a member of the team on the road, I can say first hand that i would have liked to have performed better. That doesn’t mean our team isn’t actively working to improve the sharing of information so you can find us far easier and join us in the experience. On our second trip as well as taking this lesson and working to apply it to our site and blog as a whole as well. I appreciate you voicing the concern and i have passed your message to my team and and management. 


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