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Capture Your Sweetheart in 3D for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching and there are so many choices of things to do as a couple after roses, chocolates and dinner is over.

You could go skydiving, boating, hiking, or sit on a nice sunny beach.  What if you could do something that would be not only be unique and out-of-this-world cool, but what if you could preserve an embrace, a kiss, or a close moment with your loved one forever in 3D?

Now, for residents and visitors in the NYC area, it is not a what if, but a when are you going to get your time slot to do so opportunity. Victor De Los Angeles and the team down at Cubo NYC want to capture your special Valentine’s day and 3D print it!

“We wanted to offer couples a fun new way to commemorate Valentine’s Day,” said De Los Angeles,  “and since we’ve had so many families come in to get scanned with the Sense, we figured why not offer a 3D portrait of you and your Valentine.”

The Sense 3D scanner has given people all over the world a great new way to capture special moments in time. Those moments could be a birthday, a graduation, a holiday or even baby’s first steps.

We joke about this technology going back to the days of the ‘Tintype’ which you had to stay perfectly still for.  Now there’s the Sense that does the same thing but captures a 3D image and instead of the end product being an iron plate with a 2D image of yourself, you now get a plastic sculpture in whatever size and material you choose.”

The team at Cubo NY will be doing the Valentine’s Day promotion until February 14th. All the scans will include a heart shaped base and the print of two people at the highest length being 3.5″. They are also leaving the option open to get it printed in whatever size/color of the customers choice. In the NYC area and want to get your own scan? Call to secure a appointment time (646) 370-3351.

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