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Bits to Its, a Juried 3D Printing Art Show

One of the world’s first juried 3D printed Art shows will be held in Nyack, New York this summer. It is called Bits to Its.

Bits to Its is 3D Printed Art show dedicated to the use of 3D printing  to create art. The show will open with a private fundraising reception on Saturday July 13, 2013. The public opening will be in conjunction with the Nyack Famous Street Fair on Sunday July 14 that draws in excess of 20,000 people.All art will be available for sale.

The Bits to Its judges come from 3D printing art and technology. Ping Fu will be one of the judges who has recently been named Chief Strategy Officer for 3D Systems Corporation.

Ping has a knowledge of the 3D printing and scanning processes, and is regarded as an innovator in the industry. Her book, Bend, Not Break, tells her life story of escaping Mao’s China to lead an innovation success.

American Joshua Harker’s 2011 Kickstarter Campaign “Crania Anatomica Filigre: Me to You” holds the record for most funding in the sculpture category, raising over $77,000 from almost 1,000 backers.

The piece above is a more complex version of 2011 award winner. He is a self-described artist, sculptor, scribbler, digital adventurer, imagination architect, and troublemaker.

Asher Nahmias, better known as the 3D printing artist Dizingof based in Tel Aviv, Israel, is most noted for his Math Art. The figure above is a 3D simulation of a Reaction-diffusion math pattern intersected with a scanned head.

Entries must incorporate 3D printed components as an integral part of the piece; additional processes may be used in the entire piece, but 3D printing must be central to the design. If artists do not own their own 3D printer, Potomac Photonics of Lanham MD has generously offered to complete the printing on their 3D Systems high resolution ProJet 3000 Plus 3D printer in their MicroFabLab for the cost of materials.

For entry forms email service at FabLabNyack.com. More information and ticket purchase for the fundraiser can be found at www.fablabnyack.org.

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