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Adidas Pop-Up Shop offers Unique 3D Printing Experience

London Pop ups are always fun and unusual, but for Adidas Originals, the fun of adding a 3D printed spin on a Stan Smith pop-up shop to celebrate the world’s bestselling trainer shoe had never been more awesome. The Stan Smith shoe was named for the American tennis icon. The pop-up was set in London at the Old Truman Brewery. In the middle of the brewery, a really awesome giant shoebox held an interactive store and a 3D printing experience inside.

The pop-up was a scale replica of an Adidas Stan Smith shoebox. Customers entered through the side of the shoebox and were able to purchase limited edition shoes along with having an interactive memorable experience of becoming part of their shoe in a personal way.

3D Systems Cube printers lined the walls and were operating live in the store. The printers worked away making personalized lace locks for the customers to put the finishing touch on their shoes, just one of the many interactive experiences that were available.

The fun part of the process was unlike going into a store to buy a pair of shoes anywhere else,  customers could participate in experiences like the 3D printing station, using apps, and making their shoe with additional features like the ‘Stan Yourself’ app, which used the person’s portrait and signature instead of the classic Stan Smith image found on the inside of the shoe.

The Stan Smith pop-up was open to the public until January 19th.  It offered a limited number of Stan Smith shoes to buy.

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