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3D Printed Zombies vs. Humans

By Cris Fowers, WhiteClouds

The 3D-printed zombies vs. humans’ scene has views from both sides of the battle—the zombies attacking and the humans defending. The scene was imagined and designed by Kelly Root of WhiteClouds, a 3D printing design service. The model has quickly become a favorite because of the incredible detail.

The scene features six humans and six zombies. The humans have retreated to an old boarded-up building for protection against a zombie invasion. The 3D printed scene captures the climax of the confrontation between humans and zombies.

“The idea is based on your standard kind of zombie survival story or setting, said Root. “The survivors vs. the zombies. What better way to show that than the survivors making a stand against the zombies in a boarded up old building? Everything else, the pose of all the characters and any added detail, was done to keep the print interesting and varied since it was going to be so large. All the additional detail, such as the broken walls and tattered wallpaper, were done to show just how much detail could be added to one of these larger prints.”

The textures were all done in Photoshop. Between the modeling and texturing, the zombie scene took about 30 hours to complete. The print took 16 hours on two different printers.


The entire zombie scene was printed in a single print on the 3D Systems ProJet 660 with the exception of the broken window panes. These were printed on the 3D Systems ProJet 3500. Both printers are manufactured by 3D Systems. The 660 uses binder jetting technology and prints in full-color, sandstone-like material. The 3500 uses Multi-Jet Modeling Technology and a UV-cured resin to create a translucent, hard, plastic material.

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