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360 Heros Receives Guinness Book of World Records Certificate

To get to the top of Mount Everest is already a feat in itself, to get to the top of Mount Everest with a slew of GoPro’s and a 3D Printed 360Heros Plug-n-Play holder to function at temperatures of  -57 Degrees Fahrenheit is ascribable to technology breakthrough. In May 2013, the first ever fully spherical HD 360 video  was filmed on the summit of Mount Everest. The extra exciting part of this…it was shot using 360Heros video gear. The footage was captured for a documentary about Nepalese climber Apa Sherpa, who also acted as a consultant for the shoot.  “At that temperature you risk loosing a finger in seconds when you remove your gloves to change a camera battery or turn them on,” says Sherpa.

It took three different attempts and over 10 weeks to get the 360Heros 360 Video on the top of Mount Everest.  It was challenging in many ways. One climber who attempted to get the equipment to the top got sick and was air lifted out. That was the first try. On the second attempt to get the video completed, there were technical issues, and as the phrase goes, “The third time’s the charm,” is what was the magic moment. For on that third try, their venture was a success!

The 3D printed 360Heros 360 Plug-n-Play holder, invented by Michael Kintner, utilizes 6 GoPro® cameras to create interactive fully spherical HD 360 video. The video is a inspiration to the power of this new technology.

The 360Heros camera set a Guinness World Record by filming the first fully spherical, high-definition, 360-degree video on Mount Everest’s summit. The Guinness Book of World Records Certificate was awarded at Sundance 2014.

Michael Kintner, CEO/Founder of 360Heros stands with the Mount Everest Team and Apa Sherpa.

They received the Guinness World Record Certificate  for the first HD 360 Video filmed at the top of the summit of Mount Everest.

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